About Futura
The Futura Corporation, the 9th largest privately held corporation by revenues in British Columbia (29th largest including all public and private companies by revenue in BC), is a leading asset management and investment firm. With major stakes in public companies, strategic investments in the private sector, loan portfolio administration, property management and ownership of private companies, The Futura Corporation is a diversified investment house with emphasis in the Building Materials sector.

Long Term Vision and Strategy
Futura is a value investor with the patience and foresight to invest in companies that are undervalued. Careful analysis of a company's balance sheet, intimate knowledge of the specific industry and a review of management effectiveness, are all assessed prior to any investment. Our objective is investment growth, over time, in companies that have sound fundamentals and proven management expertise. Through our direct and indirect ownership positions, we maintain a revenue base of over a Billion and a half Canadian dollars in revenues and employ close to 2,000 people.

Futura Quick Facts

  • 9th largest privately held corporation by revenue in BC.
  • Exceptional track record in closing accretive acquisitions.
  • Expedite difficult transactions within short timelines.
  • Decentralized management structure with invested companies responsible for day to day management and attaining annual forecasts.
  • Strong management skills and demonstrated knowledge in invested industries.
  • Emphasis on companies with strong fundamentals and growth potential.


PO Box 10017
700 West Georgia Street
Vancouver, British Columbia
Canada V7Y 1A1

Telephone: 604 608 6600
Facsimile: 604 608 6700

Email: info@futuracorporation.com

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