Leveraging Business Intelligence


Futura leverages its business acumen and capital in a continuous search for acquisition opportunities. We look for companies that demonstrate the following innate characteristics:
  • Under utilized production and distribution capacity. Sales and profits can be enhanced through Futura’s existing distribution channels resulting in increased and diversified revenue growth.
  • Non-producing or non-core assets that can be maximized through sales rationalization or leveraged for a more balanced return on capital.
  • Dependency on single product lines or geographic concentration that benefit from national representation and North American diversification.
  • Brand names and trademarks that may be fatigued and in need of direct marketing campaigns in tandem with Futura’s existing intellectual property base.
  • A distinct customer base not currently serviced by Futura’s investment companies.
  • Strong, independent and capable management.
  • Favourable supply management contracts in place.

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