Management’s Successful Track Record

Building a National Presence

As a value investor with specialization in the Building materials sector, Futura’s portfolio companies are poised for continued growth. While not sheltered from industry cyclicality, our investments maintain conservative and under leveraged balance sheets, able to weather periodic downturns and changing trends in the housing industry. Our portfolio revenues are derived from both the new housing and renovation markets, built on long-term stock appreciation and value. We view economic swings as a potential opportunity to add to our investments, continuing our goal of long-term stock appreciation and returning value to the shareholder.

Portfolio companies operate in Canada and throughout the United Sates. With sound economic fundamentals and no clear dependency on any one market, our investments continue to perform during the traditionally slower times in the industry. Each invested company shares common characteristics, they are usually positioned as the number one or number two company in their industry, have the critical mass and market breadth to overcome regional economic softness and have strong management who are motivated in returning long term stock appreciation and value to their respective shareholders.

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